TOTAL: 162

2017 (5)
Kites and Time
The One Question

2016 (2)
Toss A Penny
Heavy With My Heart

2015 (6)
A Torrid Truth
the swan
Just Trust…
Journey (On A Plane)
Haiku Poetry Slam Competition

2014 (6)
Feminine Charm
I Planted Some Seeds
When I Die
You Are Welcome Here
My Lover Has Strong Arms
With His Kind Declension

2013 (33)
Dear Emily
The Muse II
If I Could Play the Guitar
Freaky Freak
I Have Sat; I Have Writ
Magic Glasses
la valla da ton
I Didn’t Know What to Say
Etching Away
Bearing Witness
There Is A Place
Ghost Tracks

More Haiku
My Prince Came Courting
Laughed in My Face
Me and Emily
     I Touched Him
     Me at Seventeen
     You Spoke Sacred Words
I’m Convinced
Like a Mother Hen
How Much for This One?
     Just One More
     A Quiet Heart Spoke
     The Heart Wants to Leap
     Is It a Puzzle?
     Elephants Never Forget
     A Woman’s Heart Sleeps
     Setting Shirley Free
     Faerie Wonderland
House of Cards
Pat, Pat, Pat
Lord on High

2012 (22)
Love Scraps
I Lay It Down
Light Beats
Bring Me Water
I Need Help with the Crying
I’m a Pauper
In a Local Cafe
Where Does All the Money Go?
Wine Has A Whisper
Give Me the Flame Life
Do You Want Me to Bleed
Like Petrified Wood
Let’s Take the Long Way
I Can Slay My Own Dragons
Hold Me in the Rain
I Keep the Night Watch
What Did the Trees Say
Bliss Me
I Seek Your Face

2011 (8)
I Dance Barefoot
Blind Man Playing
By the Water
Read Me Hafiz
At the Redlight
I Like to Drive
Olive Tree

2010 (5)
Little Match Girl
Tuck Everlasting
Do Not Be Afraid, Zachariah

2009 (6)
A Quiet Shine
The Boiler Room
That Mistake
Al Fayoum
Taking Up Arms

2008 (6)
Climbing Jacob’s Ladder
Blank Page
Pick Me

2007 (5)
In Silence
Silly Love

2004 (2)
Child of Mine
Capture My Drift

2003 (7)
The Muse
Tap, Tap, Tap
_y True Lov_

2002 (4)
Let’s Skip the Moonlight Tonight
The Reader
You Have This Way

2001 (3)
When I Hear the Birds Sing
I Always Believed
It Doesn’t Matter

2000 (3)
Set Your Love Upon Me
Even Though He Slay Me

1990-1999 (34)
The order of this decade of work is largely a guess. I usually did not date my work then, nor did I really organize or preserve it well. I’m lucky to have what is listed here.

My Beloved
Journey Onward
Lord, We Beseech Thee
Unfailing Love
Lullaby for Elizabeth
The Work of Faith
The Lost Poem
A Lighted Flame
Thank you, Lord
Weighed in the Scales
Lord, I Give
I Hear Your Voice
Live a Life of Love
I Am Your Shield
In a Little While
Healer of My Soul
A Priestly Blessing
Many Are the Pangs
I Believe
Search Me
The Resurrection
Go and Tell Israel
Micah 6:8
Where the Spirit of the Lord Is
For God So Loved the World
Comforted in Jerusalem
Nighty Nite
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
A Mother’s Prayer
Cloud of Witnesses
I Will Dance
Delight Yourself
For Eternity

1980-1989 (4)
The Journey
Father, Soften My Heart
No One
There Are Little Girls

1970-1979 (1)
From Eden to Canaan