Pick Me

by Janis Gaines

I wave my arms in the air
Hoping to get the attention of the Universe
Pick Me! I say, Pick Me!
Flailing, eagerly
No shame
Only determination
Quick to show my heart-felt dedication
And sincere longing for the goods

Pick ME

Jumping up and down like a child
Feeling too small
Among the crowds of other arms in the air
And yet I say, Pick Me
I say it
I mean it
I say it again
Reaching for what is invisible
And yet I’m so close I can feel it

Pick ME

I’m tempted to think it’s all silly games
That no one ever really hears
And that all this waving is for nothing
When I see a glimpse of light
Someone’s star shines brighter
And the colors all change their hue
Even if just a tiny bit
And I believe again that it’s all real
And within my grasp

So I stay in the moment
And chant
Pick ME

© April 2008
Flowery Branch, GA