I Keep the Night Watch

by Janis Gaines

I keep the night watch
On the wall of the city
I love so much.

I watch in the dark
By divine moonlight
To see while others sleep.

The Lord speaks to me
Of unending mercy
And vigilance to keep
His ways.

I watch for lurking shadows
And sound the alarm
Before the first strike.
My people are prepared
To defend the city,
The heart of the home.
The heart of love
Is always worth protecting.

I keep my eyes sharp
And lift my arms high
As the arms of hidden angels
Surround this town
With banners of peace.

I sound the alarm
I sound the alarm
I sound the alarm

Awake my people’s sleep
The mighty ones of Israel
The souls of men to keep

I keep the night watch
I keep my brother
Safe in sleep
I keep






© April 22, 2012
Flowery Branch, GA