Olive Tree

by Janis Gaines

A single tree
With roots deep
In earth and love
And all that feeds
The desperate part of me
My soul
Had its birth in eternity
Giving life for all to see
The unseen
Steady vibration underneath
A tempo of dirt and leaves
Fermented waste becomes holy
In the outbreath of faith
A natural grace
For those who believe

This tree
With roots deep
In dark humanity and
Generations seeking peace
Survives the winter chill
And mad insanity
With veins of mercy
In olive-drenched leaves
Pressed for the nations
For wandering Jews
And lost Christianity
Both dry and deplete
Oil and fat and life
Run free
In the Garden of Gethsemane
In this single
Olive tree

© January 31, 2011
Flowery Branch, GA