Taking Up Arms

by Janis Gaines

I’m taking up arms
Against all the world’s harms
And holding the flag of victory
High enough for all to see
So many fallen by my side
And yet faith, hope, and love abide
Shouting loud and standing strong
Believing truth will right the wrong
Opposing love comes at a cost
But Love will gather up the lost
The poor, the tired, broken masses
The cheated, forsaken lads and lasses
When Death has had his final say
These souls will rise on Judgment Day
Then eye to eye and face to face
The Light will prove the greater grace
Of justice, mercy, and kindness true
This is all the Lord has asked of you

I’m taking up my arms
And lifting them high
His Banner over Us is Love
This is my battle cry

Inspired by “Concord Hymn” by Emerson and Song of Solomon 2:4






© March 20, 2009
Flowery Branch, GA