Riches and Rhymes

The Poetry and Writing of Janis Gaines

Month: August, 2013

A Lighted Flame

A lighted flame within me burns
And shimmers through the night
Your love’s the fire; how my heart yearns
That the candle will burn bright







Nashville, TN



I try to stay raw,
But the grit and grime and mess
Of worldly guff cling to me.
I can break off handfuls of crust
That crumbles and slips
Through my fair fingertips,
Like unearthing an artifact
Once precious in its time;
Its value hidden to a future generation
Still seeking its truthful origins.
Be careful how you brush the dust
For some slight treasure might still be found

Though layers of dirt and flesh
May cover me,
I am alive underneath
And light at the core.

Scrub me for gold
And sparkly, color-lit gems.
Scrape if you must;
I bare a molten shine.
Any crack refracts beauty
And the reflection of time
All the more.











© August 30, 2013
Asheville, NC