Tuck Everlasting

by Janis Gaines

Lock me in a room and let the cello play
As loud as it pleases and pile the books high
From ceiling to the floor of eternity
Let me read Tolstoy and the sequel to human waste
Until the only sound I hear is the beat of my faint drum,
Let me rattle and hum with Shakespeare by night
My urbane pleasure, seditious, sublime,
Grabbing hold of the Piper’s pen and making it mine
Echoes of renaissance and history hold me steady
In the inkwells of mercy and darkened pages of divine light
The tumultuous tick and flurry of false gods and good rhymes
Taunt the feeble, frail metronome of a drunken life
I found the remedy
Bookmarked in the corner of my mind
The truth of Tuck Everlasting and Vivaldi
It was there all the time.

© April 22, 2010
Flowery Branch, GA