The Boiler Room

by Janis Gaines

Have you been to the Boiler Room?
It’s a helluva hot place
Where people buy and sell morality
For top profits
And a divine palatial estate
With great views and a smoking location
It’s simple economics
Buy the souls of men while they’re low
And sell high
Higher than a stray kite
High-priced and high-pitched fury
As prisoners stand on the auction block
At the cattle call of the doomed
Slaves to the human chain gang of Fate
Hoping to bury their sins in the backyard of mercy
And erase their wicked past for a clean slate

I watched the bidding from a distance
Discarded in my disgrace
Alone and left with a pet called Freedom
Who had run away
Damn fences weren’t in place
Yet these solid bars surround me
While I long for the olive branch of peace
Extended to incarcerated junkies
But kept far from my reach

© September 9, 2009
Flowery Branch, GA