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The Journey – Original

The Journey
by Janis Gaines

As I was walking one rainy day
I saw a rainbow on my way
As I searched for my heart’s desire

I gazed in awe at its vibrant hue
I knew then what I wanted to do
But the rainbow was far from my reach

For you see, the story is told
Rainbow’s end holds a pot of gold
So I knelt before God and prayed

He sent a stranger passing by
Who grabbed my hand, pointed to the sky
And said, “I’ll help you climb.”

So eagerly with gold in sight
We traveled on with all our might
But it’s hard to climb a rainbow

Along the way my heart grew weary
“God, where’s my gold?” I demanded in fury
And I fell to the earth

Yet by my side the stranger stood
And whispered, “Child, the Lord is good.”
And I believed.

Again the stranger took my hand
As he led me on a walk so grand
And I praised God

For I journeyed to the rainbow’s end
Faith turned to gold, but you, my friend,
Are the treasure my heart desires


© February 10, 1989
Searcy, Arkansas


Love Rock

I painted this about a month and a half ago. It’s a love rock; two sides of the same rock. The first pic (Love) doesn’t show the glitter finish, but it has it now. Looks more like the flip-side (Destiny). It’s about the size of the palm of my hand.

I had fun painting this – something new and different. And hopeful. I may put it outside, but for now, it sits on an end table in the living room. I was trying to model a similar rock that someone gave me when I first moved to Asheville. It’s smaller and blue; it says believe and the colors are beautiful. I will add a pic of that one soon.

Rocks are everywhere. Would love to paint more and maybe hide them as surprises for others to find or perhaps just give them away as little love gifts.

© March 2, 2016
Tryon, NC

Under a Tree

FullSizeRender copy 2

I love how this turned out. It was my first painting on canvas. It’s about 16×20. I was also honored to use my sister’s former boyfriend’s paintbrush; the canvas had been a gift from her. Andrew had been an artist and he died unexpectedly several years ago. The painting currently hangs in my sunroom.

I know it’s simplistic and it probably looks like something a five-year-old would do, but I love it. It’s very symbolic and meaningful for me. This has been my screensaver on my phone for the past several weeks.

Would still love to do an art class someday. Maybe soon. 🙂

© March 9, 2016
Tryon, NC

To You, From God

To: You

From: God

By BekahM


My darling, My sweetheart, My love, My dear

I am always with you, yes I am always near

My beautiful, My exquisite, My precious work of art

When you smile or when you laugh, so does My heart

My love for you is overwhelming

I am calling out your name

No matter what you do

I will love you just the same

I did not make a mistake, when it was you that I chose

My treasure, My jewel, My child, My rose

I will say it again and again, until you really believe it

I love you, My masterpiece

So please, receive it

My darling, My sweetheart, My love, My dear

I am always with you, so do not ever fear

My beautiful, My exquisite, My precious work of art

My joy, My pearl, we will never be apart.

***NOTE: This poem was written by one of my former students, BekahM. She emailed this to me one random Thursday back in January 2015, and it was so timely as I was beginning a new writing class, which had been a spirit-led decision for me. It really felt like a personal love letter from God. I don’t know if she wrote this just for me, but it sure seemed like it. I was so touched and so grateful. I’ve never had a student do anything like this before or since. This girl is very poetic and musically talented. I hope she keeps writing!

Be a Lamp, or a Lifeboat, or a Ladder

Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.

~ Rumi

Love Doesn’t Just Sit There

Love doesn’t just sit there. It has to be made like bread, remade all the time, made new.

~ Ursula K. Le Guin


A Zen Lesson

An old Zen master shows an acorn to a follower
and asks him, “What do you see?”
The young man says, “An acorn.”
The Zen master replies, “No, it’s a forest.”