Haiku Poetry Slam Competition

by Janis Gaines

Chris, Kailey, and I just did this for fun one night about a month ago. Topics were chosen randomly. Interestingly, for the topic of murder, we all went for the bird pun. The winning haikus from our home Haiku Poetry Slam Competition…

images-6  ~ Murder ~
Bird poop in my eye
The crows’ revenge from above
It was just murder


~ Kiss ~  -dogs-1329737362
I remember when
You made me believe in love
With a morning kiss

 ~ Birthday ~  900x900px-LL-5386d85f_sweet18
It is my birthday
I am turning 18, bruh
So give me some cake


  ~ Retirement ~PeopleAtTable
I’m getting quite old
And don’t know reverse from drive
But my bridge game’s strong


@ Tryon, NC
January 17, 2015