Ghost Tracks

by Janis Gaines

The memories haunt,
And while I can sleep,
I fail to dream a new dream.

The memories taunt,
“Ha, ha, ha —
We were here
Amid the crowds of smiles
And ice cream.”
I was fooled then
And perhaps again.

This time I tried to make my own way —
Forge a new path, see some new sights,
But my feet kept falling in step
With your ghost tracks.

I remember walking here with you.
And I’m sure I loved you there —
I even have pictures to prove,
But it makes no sense.

All the ties have vanished
And you are gone.
I still trace the steps…
Here with you, there with you.
As long as I’m with you,
I can keep walking.

I would rather keep you alive this way
Than be free of the haunting.


© April 14, 2013
Asheville, NC