by Janis Gaines

Every word
Formed with care in the fibers of your heart
And sent forth as breath from your lips
Carried through time and space
Searching for its rightful place
Hitchhiking on all the Earth’s vibrations
Circling the Sun and spinning in orbit
Reaches its destiny
The intended ears meant to hear
The intended heart
And there it bursts
In brightly colored flames and sparks
Like fireworks and shooting stars
And all the heavenly colors of your intonations
All the shades and variance that was within you
Descends in all its radiance and glory and meaning
Into me
A shower
A spectacle of grace
And your words do their work
One color heals
One color shares
One color laughs
One color gives
Touching me with life and love
In the secret shadows of my soul
Beyond the barriers of my mortal skin
And together they end in peace
These soft words spoken
As they find their new place in me
And I rejoice in my good fortune and fullness
And I keep them for a while and smile
Happier for their presence
Til I offer them back to you
The same
This little game of speech we play

© March 15, 2003
Atlanta, GA