Day 3: Say Hello to the Neighbors

by Janis Gaines

cropped-seal_v2-04I’m participating in Blogging University’s Blogging 101 course, sponsored by The Daily Post on WordPress. Each day they give a topic, along with blogging tips. I think I know how to use most of WordPress fairly well, but I’m always looking to refocus and learn new things.

Day 1: Introduce Yourself to the World
Day 2: Title and Tagline
Day 3: Say Hello to the Neighbors


say-helloToday’s task is to follow five new topics and five new blogs.

This is somewhat new for me, as I don’t have much time/brain space to read other work; I’m lucky to maintain my own blog. Truly, I don’t use the Reader all that much. If I do, it’s usually in a teacher capacity in mentoring my creative writing students, who are required to blog. And yet, I believe in the power of community and that’s an area I’m willing to grow in. So, in keeping with the spirit of the challenge, I have added some new topics (tags I follow).

My five new topics are…

1) Art

2) Poetry

3) Literature

4) Writing

5) Inspirational

I’m also somewhat hesitant to follow five new blogs. But, I’m willing to give this a try too. So, I have chosen one new blog in each new category! This took a little bit of exploring, and it was fun to see what else is going on in the blogosphere.

1) Art: Oldest Daughter and Red-headed Sister
They had a great photo that caught my eye in the post called “Light,” and it helped that it was paired with a beautiful poem. But that may be cheating for me for this art category! I’m also impressed that she has over 1,000 followers! And a cool theme that really showcases her work well. Wow, I feel like I’ve happened upon a real find. Check this one out.

2) Poetry: Kimemia Thinks
He’s writing a haiku a day – great challenge! I like the idea and look forward to reading future poems. Whew, hard time picking just one in this category. Lots of amazing talent out there! Humbling for me, and yet, good to know I can have a seat at the table. Reading so much tonight made me realize how much I have NOT written lately. I have had some stirrings, but have neglected them. Need to be faithful to the muse. Also, reblogging to give credit to these great writers!

3) Literature: Dana Johnson
Surprisingly, there was not as much to choose from in this category. Maybe the topic “books” would have been a better choice. Dana blogs about all things reading, books, and literature. ❤

4) Writing: B.F. Simone
So, this was also an eclectic category. A lot of poetry, lots of writing prompts, author promotions, etc, when I think I was expecting to find more how-to stuff. Giving a shout-out to B. F. Simone for her work; of all I saw, I thought hers was the best. She’s also recently published The Keeper’s Vow.

5) Inspiration: Happy Thoughts
This was a tough category. It was hard to find a blog that was dedicated to this topic. A lot of people have “inspiration” as an occasional tag. And a lot of the blogs that came up for this tag were uber religious, which is not always inspirational. Also, lots of art and poetry that grabs my attention, but I was looking for something a little different here. Perhaps I should have used the tag “beauty” as that is usually what is inspirational for me, but I bet that would yield a lot of fashion/makeup blogs — also not what I’m looking for. In the end, Happy Thoughts was the clear winner here out of all I read.

This was quite the adventure and learning experience for me! This post took me hours to compile, and I wasn’t expecting that. But I think it’s a good thing. I learned a lot. Apparently, my WordPress reader can be like Facebook crack, only with a bunch of strangers. I could seriously read for days. It’s good to be a part of the blogging crowd — lots of good stuff out there! You’ve all inspired me to write and read even more.


© June 12, 2015
Asheville, NC