I Have Sat; I Have Writ

by Janis Gaines

In this darkened hall of my private study
I position myself squarely
In the wheel of time
Ready to face the doubters,
The disbelievers, the daydreamers.
I surround myself with wisdom
And the muted voices of great learned men
Who have lived before me —
Their intellectual cogs canonized in books
Lining the walls of my mind
And the slow rails of mankind.
I have sat; I have writ
I’ve divined a few mysteries of the ages.
I now add my pages.
This small portion I record
Here on a paper tablet,
A too temporal truth
Echoed in this magical metallic piece
On the table before me —
My chronograph
Where the world can now keep
A better watch


© May 31, 2013
Black Mountain, NC