Do You Want Me to Bleed?

by Janis Gaines

Do you want me to bleed?
It’s too late for that.
My blood has already been spilled
A thousand times
For every thing I believed in.
I offered my heart and soul
As a shield
To every demon
Who ever stalked your place.
I faced the darkness
So you would never know fright.
I took the haunting
So you could play in the light.
I stretched my arms wide
On the beams of wood
And took every strike
And I would do it again
And again and again.

See, I have written your name
With my own blood
On my own heart and hands
And on every white wall I can find
Just to scream the truth
That my love for you
Will never die.

How can you not know?
Do you still want me to bleed?

© July 17, 2012
Asheville, NC