I Need Help with the Crying

I need help with the crying.
I can brush my hair
And scratch my back,
But it’s an impossible reach within.

I can think and feel so clearly,
And yet it’s a cruel torture to express.
Inside I’m Shakespeare and da Vinci
With a twist of Bach and Voltaire,
But ask me my name and I am mute.
Ask me to dance and I am too weak to stand.

I could tell of great riches and travels afar,
And true would be every one.
Yet my pockets are empty and my passport is blank,
And I am called a liar.

Like an invalid who needs help with lunch,
I drool at the corners of my mouth,
Unspeakably longing for the taste of food
And can only hope some kind nurse
Would put a spoon to my lips
Before my heart gives way with want.

As I convalesce
In this isolated corner,
Play something with strings
And layers of light and shade —
Loud and soft, fair faint modulations
That will tease the tears out of me.

I need help with the crying.


Listening to this song…

Which I first heard here…

© September 11, 2012
Asheville, NC