The Lost Poem

by Janis Gaines

The Work of Faith

Groping for love in a darkened place
My soul has been searching for the light of his face
Grace that was shrouded by the stain of my sin
Now embraced by my faith to let his love in

How hard to believe that only faith brings this gift
Not one of my works could my soul lift
Out of the pit, out of hell here on earth
_______________ glorious new birth


I am my beloved’s and he is mine.


*** This poem has been lost, which is very sad to me. It was such a triumphant statement of faith, and I believe it was one of my best. This was in the very early days of computers, and I had one printed copy which I gave to a stranger; but then my computer crashed and no record of it was saved. This is all I can remember. I hope one day that it will magically return to me. This is also one of the main reasons I require my students to maintain a blog today so that they may keep a record of their own work. =)

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Nashville, TN