The Work of Faith

by Janis Gaines

Groping for love in a darkened place
My soul has been searching for the light of his face
Grace that was shrouded by the stain of my sin
Now embraced by my faith to let his love in

Knowing this forgiveness, knowing this love
Freedom is surely a gift from above
And none would be able, all would be lost
If not for the gift of blood shed on the cross

How hard to believe that only faith brings this gift
Not one of my works could my soul lift
Out of the pit, out of hell here on earth
What glory to taste of the blessed new birth

The law of my life will be love evermore
Purchasing treasures in heaven’s store
What goodness and mercy shall surely follow me
God has loved, loves, and will love me, this I believe

No more fear, no more sorrow or wasting away
My life shall be one bright, glowing day
No more darkness or anguish or pain deep inside
Jesus, my savior, has chosen me as his bride

Glory and honor, what wedded bliss
To be given a hope and a promise like this
Joy never-ending, sweet union divine
I am my beloved’s and he is mine


© September 14, 1998
Lost for more than a decade and then miraculously found on February 17, 2013 🙂