The Muse II

by Janis Gaines

Oh, she’s a tease
And if I could only please her!
She wants constant words and wooing.
The nymph won’t let me loose
And come out from her game — hiding
In some shiny netherworld
Where she laughs at my unknowing.

I call her name
And she may coyly glance.
It is not enough.
I lay gifts at her altar,
And it is not enough.
I may play the trick on her
And she is unmoved.

But alas, if I give her a sacred space,
A secret time and place in my heart,
She is stirred and speaks to me
In wisp-like wonder — a language
I begin to utter,
Finally showing me her full beauty
Face to face.










***This poem is a metaphor for creative inspiration.

© September 13, 2013
Asheville, NC