What Did the Trees Say?

by Janis Gaines

What did the trees say
When you mentioned my name?

“She is one of us,” said the Willows.
“See how she bends her heart to the wind?
Her leaves sway gently with grace.”

“Oh, but she is one of us,” said the Oaks.
“Have you seen how strong and tall she stands?
In the midst of storms she has a valiant heart.”

“No, she is surely one of us,” said the Evergreens.
“She is eternal Christmas, fragrant
With the promise of good gifts.
Breathe her in and be refreshed.”

You will know her when you see her
For she has been marked.
The initials of the sun
Have been carved in her soul —
Some silly show of love
They made when they were young.

© April 2012
Flowery Branch, GA