Al Fayoum

by Janis Gaines

I remember Al Fayoum at sunset–
A vision of hope, a mirage of disbelief–
The colors, too rich for the paupers,
The travelers, the destiny-seekers,
And the first cool breeze of relief
From the dead heat.

Since the King of Salem first spoke
I have always sought treasure and gold.
The sun’s pure reflection on the water,
My heart, my personal legend
In the middle of nowhere,
A rare gem.

Life for this moment seemed a fair trade
Who was I but a beggar, robbed by Fate?

My desert journey led me here
To this place of alchemy and hidden rest
Healing waters ran freely over my fingertips
As I dipped my toes in to test the truth.
I soaked my soul in a pool of love
A weightless bliss
No vagrom ever knew more heaven than this

And though wet and drenched
My thirst remains unquelled and unquenched
I must see the great pyramids before I settle
And I knew I would not stay to see the morning

A metaphor based on the journey of Santiago
in The Alchemist by Paul Coelho

Al Fayoum Oasis at sunset

@ May 28, 2009
Flowery Branch, GA