Dear Emily

by Janis Gaines

Dear Emily,

I get it.
Enough with the limelight,
The who’s who, what’s what
And who cares?

Some drown in the deep,
But I lose myself in the shallows,
The cares and affairs of a temporal bliss
All meaningless.

I would rather stoke the fire of mystery
And the flame of all things eternal,
Slip my fingers through the thin veil
Between here and the after life,
Tiptoe right up to the edge of time
And find myself on the other side
Where all wear white.

Some think it strange
That you would steal away
The day in your room,
Yet what better company to keep
Than one’s own whispered heartbeat?

You are not a cold stone
But a rare gem
With ears to hear
And eyes to see

If you’re receiving guests in the drawing room
At this late hour,
I would much delight in taking audience with thee
Perhaps turn a feathered phrase
With some honey in my black tea.
Or perhaps repose in seamless silence
With divinity.

Dear Emily,
I get it.









© October 9, 2013
Asheville, NC