Day 5: Love Your Theme

by Janis Gaines

cropped-seal_v2-04I’m participating in Blogging University’s Blogging 101 course, sponsored by The Daily Post on WordPress. Each day they give a topic, along with blogging tips. I think I know how to use most of WordPress fairly well, but I’m always looking to refocus and learn new things.

Day 1: Introduce Yourself to the World
Day 2: Title and Tagline
Day 3: Say Hello to the Neighbors
Day 4: Identify Your Audience
Day 5: Love Your Theme



I have really enjoyed the FREE Manifest Theme for my poetry blog for the past three years. I like the central column with minimal distractions. I like that the entire post shows in the window without having to click on something to read the whole thing. I feel like it showcases the writing very well. Not sure I like the widgets being at the bottom, but that’s the default for this theme. Also, when reblogging someone else’s work, it will still say “by Janis Gaines” and I don’t care for that; not sure if it’s possible to change that. I found these tips helpful for choosing a theme.

The challenge today is to try on some new themes for size. I have thought of upgrading to a premium site (paid) to be able to upload personal video directly from my computer or phone; I use the WordPress app on my phone quite a bit. So, I scrolled through some new themes, not really expecting to find anything better, and I came across the Linen theme (premium) — which I like very much. It has all the things I like about this current theme, plus some extra creative color customizations, which could be fun, as well as having widgets on the sidebar instead of in the footer. It’s $79. May consider this one, but still browsing. The Preview tabs are seriously great to see how the theme would look with your current content.

It also makes me want to have a business eCommerce site for my teaching/tutoring job. This has been a dream of mine for a few years now, but I’m often overwhelmed with the idea of setting it up myself. I’ve always thought I would have to hire someone and not sure I’m ready to spend that kind of $. I think if someone helped set it up for me, I could maintain most of it on my own. A business site is $299, which is reasonable in my opinion. Also, I found out that there would be a WordCamp in Asheville next month! How lucky is that?! So, I will probably try to attend that and hone some of my business ideas between now and then. I already keep a separate blog for teaching, but it’s mainly a “dummy” how-to blog for my students and I’d like to possibly expand it for a wider market.

Some theme contenders…

Linen $79
Organization $69
Elemin $129
Vagabond $75
Choco FREE
Blissful Blog FREE
Misty Lake FREE

© June 13, 2015
Asheville, NC