Day 2: Title and Tagline

by Janis Gaines

cropped-seal_v2-04I’m participating in Blogging University’s Blogging 101 course, sponsored by The Daily Post on WordPress. Each day they give a topic, along with blogging tips. I think I know how to use most of WordPress fairly well, but I’m always looking to refocus and learn new things.

Day 1: Introduce Yourself to the World
Day 2: Title and Tagline


Title: Riches and Rhymes
Tagline: The Poetry and Writing of Janis Gaines

I’m happy with my blog title and tagline. I chose the title quite randomly. It just came to me when I sat down to write. At first I thought it might be a little cheesy, but it has grown on me. It seems to fit the original purpose of why I started blogging. I was cataloging my poems, thus the Rhymes, and I believe that what we create from the heart are the true Riches. So, Riches and Rhymes has stuck.

The tagline used to say The Poetry of Janis Gaines, but I’ve since expanded what I post here, so I updated the tagline to reflect that: The Poetry and Writing of Janis Gaines. Pretty basic. It says what it is. Works for me. I also really like my chosen theme with the central text column and minimal distractions. However, the one drawback I’ve found is that when I want to post a quote by someone else, the post still labels it “by Janis Gaines” so I feel that is misleading. Oh well. Not sure there’s anything I can do about that. And sometimes I wonder if it would be better to have the widgets on the side; I don’t know how many people take the time to scroll all the way down to the bottom.

I’ve also recently thought about paying for a premium site where I could upload video directly from my phone or computer. Would be nice to be able to do that, and I think it’s probably affordable. Will look into. I wonder if I can keep the same theme if I do that? Anyone have experience with that?

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