Flowers in a Vase

by Janis Gaines


bloghydrangeasI was going for hydrangeas here. I had a hard time getting the colors I wanted with the paints I had. I stopped by Walmart after church today to pick up more white paint (used a lot to mix colors; I was out of that one first). And apparently acrylic paint is CRAZY cheap. I was able to buy several colors for 57 cents for a 2oz bottle. AND I went a little hog wild and bought some fun stuff like glow-in-the-dark paint, gold leaf paint, silver glitter paint, and some kind of crackle finish stuff, hehe. I also bought some small 8×10 canvas boards, better quality paper, and some spray that makes it dry fast and also makes it easier to layer colors — WHICH I really could have used last night with this painting. I wanted to go all out and buy some paint pens, stencils, and neon paints, but I resisted.

I almost regret the black edging I added. I think grey would have been better, more subtle. BUT I was out of white to mix with the black. And I almost didn’t add the blue background slashes, but I’m glad I did. Seems to give it some depth. I had wanted the vase to be a much lighter aqua/teal, but couldn’t get the color with what I had. I attempted some little highlights on the vase, but they didn’t show as brightly as I thought they might. And it could use some more leaves. Actually I don’t think this pic photographed very well compared to the original. I would like to frame some of my pics. Couldn’t find frames at Walmart. I know they have them; I just didn’t look very hard.

Anyway, still enjoying painting, surprisingly. And the mistakes seem to be no big deal. Several times I thought I had really messed this one up beyond repair, but in the end, it’s all good. I’m sure I could learn alot, but don’t know if I’m motivated to really apply myself with this. We’ll see. For now, it’s all about the fun and just enjoying the creative process. 🙂

© September 28, 2013
Asheville, NC