Thank You, Lord

by Janis Gaines

Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer
And showing you care for me
Thank you, Lord, for being so good
And loving me faithfully

I’ve received the hope you gave to me
I’ve received the gift of your son
I’ve received the love that set me free
‘Cause I believe that you’re the one

Who created my life
Who created this world
Who made all things by your right hand
Who’s redeeming my life
By the blood of your son
And made my heart to understand

That you are my father
And I am your child
And forever it will be
I have a purpose
And you have a plan
For all eternity

Thank you, Lord, for all that you are
And all that you’re going to be
Thank you, Lord, for hearing my heart
And keeping your faith in me

I will sing my praises to you
I will sing of what you have done
I will sing of all your glory
‘Cause I believe that you’re the one


© Early 1990s
Probably Nashville, TN