Forged in the Fire

by Janis Gaines

Forged in the fire with iron and steel
My soul has been fashioned to hold what is real
Burning and turning with this one desire
To capture love’s fire

Forged in the fire with silver and gold
The flame has a secret that yearns to be told
If you must follow your heart’s desire
You must learn to dance in the fire

Forged in the fire with jewels and stones
My flesh has been burned right down to the bone
And the spirit that rises will bear Thy name
As my heart beats with the flame

Forged in the fire of passion and pain
The song of my soul has been loss, has been gain
And all that is holy is all that remains
As I pass through the flame

Forged in the fire of sorrow and loss
My heart’s only hope is the hope of the cross
Believing that Jesus has died for me
His love has set me free

In the heat of the moment our two souls are one
Destiny’s victor and faith’s work is done
I’ve seen the lion; I’ve seen the lamb
This is who I am

© June 24, 2000
Indianapolis, IN

***inspired by Luke 3:16