Always Reaching High

by Janis Gaines

Always reaching high
My spirit longs to fly
Above the clouds full of rain
Above this life so full of pain
And soaring brings me to a place
Of unearthly beauty where I can face
This world of woe with eyes of grace
And embrace the souls still on the ground
I once was lost, but now I’m found
And you have played a part
In this journey of the heart
Lifting up my broken wing
Giving me a song to sing
Believing I could be my best
When life has put me to the test
And when this flight comes to an end
When the breeze has died and stilled the wind
I will own my treasured view
For I have seen beyond the blue
And all of life that will remain
Is the rainbow from the rain
Beauty draped across the sky
Hope eternal, spirits fly
Always reaching high
Always reaching high

© October 3, 1999
Nashville, TN