by Janis Gaines

One day I sat and listened
Pondering my place in the vast universe
Pondering ancient lands and seas,
And all the great lives unrehearsed
Of which I am only one

And the silence I heard
Was so loud and clear
Ringing in my ears
And bringing me to tears
I didn’t know what to do
But maybe laugh come what may
Or cry that such a thing
Could happen on such a day
To me anyway

I stumbled in my thoughts
And staggered quite amiss
Not knowing my own pathways
Or the depths of my abyss
Then I opened wide my mouth
Hell-bent to make some noise
Blabbering all the pain away
Forgoing all my poise
For just a moment

When someone heard my rantings
And came and whispered this
“Peace be still, my love”
And sealed it with a kiss
Then I knew my place.

© March 18, 2003
Atlanta, GA