Love Never Fails

by Janis Gaines

Waiting here so patiently
I hear him say so quietly
“I paid the price for your sorrow”
The work I do is to believe
The fruit of faith I will receive
And walk with my head high into tomorrow

The love of God never fails
So welcome all the wood and nails
Let them hammer on the cross
Jesus bore my loss
Trading my sin for his peace
And now my soul has found release
Love never fails

I am hidden in a secret place
Within his love and bounding grace
He has covered all of my sin
He says to me “I love you so.
I will never leave or let you go”
And all of my heart belongs to him

God will lead me faithfully
To where dreams become reality
This is why he came and what he died for
He knows that I can’t find my way
So he gently leads me everyday
This is why he rose and what I’m alive for

© February 2000
Nashville, TN