I Wish

by Janis Gaines

I wish I could’ve told you so
And made you believe
All the things that meant so much
All the love received
All the gifts and lavish graces
Alive and living on
Though you walk a different path
Seeking a new dawn
And you’ll find it cause you’re you
And have so much more than you think
Your heart, a wellspring of life and love
So many come to drink
And I’m sure you wish the same for me
You were always kind that way
And I wish I could spin the heavens
In designs that would make you stay
I wish I could’ve held you tight
And set you in your place
Oh lover, I too
Longed for your embrace
But my wishes became tears
And dandelions blown by the wind
A child’s game – foolish are we
What hope has seed versus wind?
But let love carry
The seed where it may
For grace will be found
On another lonely day
This I wish

© March 10, 2003
Atlanta, GA